1. I have a Miata and I love my bikes. Tiny roadsters with bikes….. always a good time.

  2. Clean

  3. Unff…backside.

  4. ink under the skin

    displays the passion within

    we live two-wheel-zen

    -a haiku for my friend’s tat-

  5. I like the shaved derailleur hanger. Clean.

  6. Sweet mixed. What is that girl doing in the grass?

  7. Teal steel.

  8. Nishiki converted.

  9. Ooooh this was rebuilt well.

  12. No joke, this guy is dead set on reaching 100mph.

  13. Lighten up.

  14. Red, white, and blue road-to-single speed conversion look in’ sharp.

  15. Nice urban bike from a steel road frame. Lovin’ it.