1. I Modified an Xbox 360 controller.

  2. A view of the southeastern mountains . Great conditions for a lift ticket.

  3. topmiata:

    @tipofthespear | #TopMiata #mazda #miata #eunos #mx5 #roadster #jdm

    can you think of a more fun combo?

  4. zoroantropico:



    A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914. He never returned, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike.

    Sad story.

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  5. give Lance Armstrong and all the rest of the champion competitors their dope back! Fill ‘em all up with roids! Let them tear each other apart sprint by sprint, climb by climb!! I can’t think of a show i’d rather watch. Not like i have to worry about riding against these monsters anyway. But ill buy a ticket every time.

  6. I have a Miata and I love my bikes. Tiny roadsters with bikes….. always a good time.

  7. natelife:

    opportunities to get rad. everywhere. 

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  9. bisikleta:

    Basso Single Speed (by taller bicicle - barcelona)

    such a sweet smooth conversion.

  11. likeatinglass:

    Finished my new ride. “Dutch Courage”, tis a beautiful ride..

    another sweet conversion. ride the hell out of it!

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  12. Clean

  13. Unff…backside.

  14. ink under the skin

    displays the passion within

    we live two-wheel-zen

    -a haiku for my friend’s tat-

  15. I like the shaved derailleur hanger. Clean.